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Classic JiangNan Banyan Tree Group Luxury Vacation 10Days



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MAR20(三) (MH388 0855/1415)吉隆坡/上海/蘇州(BUS 1H)接機後車赴蘇州→夜船遊七里山塘→東方之門→酒店內用晚餐;英文:Pick up and drive to Suzhou→Shantang Street at night(Include tourist boat)→The Night View of The Gate of the Orient→Dinner

  • 蘇州七里山塘

    Shantang Street at night (Include tourist boat)
    hantang Ancient Street is an ancient commercial street along the Shantang River in Northwest Suzhou. It boasts 1000 years of history and was built by the Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi when he was a government official in Suzhou. At the southern end of the street, there is a temple built to commemorate him. Ancient bridges span across the river canals, and both sides of the canals are lined with old houses and traditional shops. In the evening, the red lanterns lining the street are reflected in the river, creating a picturesque scenery.

  • 東方之門

    The Gate of the Orien
    Commonly known as "Quku" - the Gate of the East has become a new landmark for Internet celebrities in Suzhou. It is located at the east end of the CBD axis of Suzhou Industrial Park, and faces Xinggang Street and Jinji Lake in the east. The sky garden on the top floor of the building is an open "greenhouse space" enclosed by a unique arched glass curtain wall system at the top, and is designed as two sets of presidential suites in the north and south in a Chinese classical style.It combines modern and classical styles feel.

  • 早餐:自理
  • 午餐:機上
  • 晚餐:酒店內享用(CNY 150/人)

MAR21(四) 蘇州/南京(BUS 2.5H) 留園→寒山寺敲鐘祈福→蘇式非遺紅湯麵→往南京→牛首山文化旅遊區(含電瓶車)→酒店內用晚餐→夜船遊秦淮河;英文:The Lingering Garden→Ring the giant bell at Hanshan Temple for good luck→Lunch→Drive to Nanjing→Niushou Mountain Cultural Tourism Zone(Include tourist electric vehicle)→Dinner→Take a boat tour of the night scenery of the Qinhuai River

  • 留園

    The Lingering Garden
    The Lingering Garden, along with the Humble Administrator’s Garden in Suzhou, the Summer Palace in Beijing, and the Chengde Imperial Summer Resort in Hebei, are collectively known as China's Four Great Gardens. The Lingering Garden is known for the graceful beauty of its Chinese pavilions, rock collections, winding paths, the greenery which fills the park, and its jade-colored pond. Here, one can experience the calm of visiting an area in between that of a landscape garden and a natural landscape. The Lingering Garden was built in the Ming dynasty, in the 21st year of Emperor Wanli's reign (1593 CE) by Xu Taishi, a bureaucrat of the Ming court. The garden was called the "East Garden" at the time. In the Qing dynasty, in the early years of Emperor Guangxu's reign, the garden was purchased by a bureaucrat by the name of Sheng Kang, who renamed it the "Lingering Garden". The garden is divided into four themed sections. Within a single garden, one can have a taste of four distinct scenes, namely natural landscapes, countrysides, mountain forests, and flower gardens.

  • 蘇式湯麵,

  • 寒山寺敲鐘祈福
    寒山寺位於蘇州老城區以西三英里(5公里)處,大運河沿岸。除了大雄寶殿、鐘樓和普明塔等優雅的建築外,寺廟內還藏有大量刻有佛經和中國詩歌的石碑。該寺被認為是中國十大寺廟之一,因中國古典詩句“楓橋夜泊”而聞名。如今,它也以其每年的午夜鐘聲敲響而聞名。每年農曆除夕夜,成千上萬的遊客從中國各地趕來,聆聽僧侶們敲響寺廟的大鐘 108 次,以敲響新的一年。

    Ring the giant bell at Hanshan Temple for good luck
    Hanshan Temple is located three miles (5 km) west of the old city of Suzhou along the banks of the Grand Canal. In addition to elegant structures like the Mahavira Hall, the Bell Tower and the Puming Pagoda, the temple houses a remarkable collection of stone tablets etched with Buddhist sutras and Chinese poetry.The temple, considered to be one of the 10 greatest temples in China, owes its fame to a classic Chinese poem called “A Night Mooring by Maple Bridge.” These days, it’s also known for its yearly midnight bell ringing. Every Lunar New Year’s Eve, thousands of visitors come from across China and beyond to hear the monks strike the temple’s enormous bell 108 times to ring in the new year.

  • 牛首山文化旅遊區(含電瓶車)

    Niushou Mountain Cultural Tourism Zone(Include tourist electric vehicle)
    Niushou Mountain is located in Jiangning District of Nanjing. The mountain twin peaks look like ox horns, hence the name.Nanjing Niushou Mountain Cultural Tourism Zone is a recent major cultural project of Nanjing. Based on the philosophy of establishing “new heritage of world Buddhism culture, and new sight of modern architecture art”, with the theme of “long–time enshrining of Buddhist holy relic--Usnisa”, the whole tourist attraction takes full advantage of ecological, cultural and tourism resources to create the wonderful scenery for ecology, culture and leisure.

  • 夜船遊秦淮河

    Qinhuai River(Include tourist boat)
    The Qinhuai River belongs to the right bank tributary of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The Qinhuai River is the mother river of Nanjing and witnessed the development of the entire civilization of Nanjing.The Ming and Qing Dynasties were the heyday of the development of the Qin and Huai sides.Take a boat tour along the Qinhuai River allows you to enjoy the scenery along the river while listening to the historical stories and anecdotes told by your guides. During the tour, you will see many antique buildings with white walls and black tiles. Lights from the buildings as well as the strings of red lanterns under their eaves are reflected in the Qinhuai River, as though the boat is taking you through the famous literary work of Zhu Ziqing.

  • 早餐:酒店內Buffet
  • 午餐:蘇式非遺紅湯麵Su Style Traditional Noodles in soup(CNY 100/人)
  • 晚餐:酒店內享用晚餐(CNY 100/人)
  • 南京長江華邑(Huayi Hotel)

MAR22(五) 南京/揚州(BUS 1.5H)南京總統府→六朝博物館→小廚娘民國會→車赴揚州→中國大運河博物館→個園→古東關街→酒店內用晚餐;英文:Presidential Palace of Nanjing→The Oriental Metropolitan Museum →Lunch→Drive to YangZhou→China Grand Canal Museum→Geyuan Garden→Dongguan Street→Dinner

  • 南京總統府

    Presidential Palace of Nanjing
    The Presidential Palace of Nanjing has a long history and prominent reputation. During the Qing Dynasty, it is the Weaving department of Jiangning and the Administrative headquarters of Jiangnan. On New Year's Day in 1912, Father of Modern China Dr Sun Yat-sen was appointed as the interim president at this location. Sun Yat-sen used this place as the president’s office and meeting room thereafter. Since then, the palace served as the presidential residence of the Kuomintang government. The building is a mixture of Chinese and Western architectural styles. It is generously proportioned and intriguing to look at. Take a stroll through the park to track the footsteps of Sun Yat-sen and understand the ever-changing nature of history.

  • 六朝博物館

    The Oriental Metropolitan Museum
    The Oriental Metropolitan Museum is located on the east side of the Presidential Office Building and at the intersection of Changjiang Road and Hanfu Street in Nanjing. There is a museum from its basement floor to its 3rd floor on the east and north sides. During the 3rd to 6th century, Nanjing was the first city in the world with a population of more than 1 million. Together with the ancient Roman city, they are called "the 2 centers of world classical civilization." The museum displays a variety of cultural relics from the 3rd to 6th century and systematically reflects the mystery of the culture.


  • 中國大運河博物館

    China Grand Canal Museum
    China Grand Canal Museum, referred to as "Yunbo" and "Yangzhou China Grand Canal Museum" in full, is located on Kaifa East Road, Guangling District, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province (about 150 meters northwest of Sanwan Wetland Park), covering an area of 200 mu, with a total construction area About 80,000 square meters, affiliated to the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, is a local modern comprehensive museum integrating cultural relics protection, scientific research exhibition, and leisure experience. It is a landmark project for the construction of the Grand Canal National Cultural Park. Nanjing Museum is responsible for the exhibition and operations.

  • 個園

    Geyuan Garden
    Geyuan Garden was built in the Qing Dynasty on the site of the former Shouzhi Garden of the Ming Dynasty. At the time, the garden was planted with bamboo. Because the bamboo leaves were shaped like the Chinese character for “Ge”, the garden was thus called “Ge Garden.” The four rockeries in the garden are very unique; after making it around the garden, it’s as if the visitor has experienced spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Geyuan Garden is not large and can be divided into three areas: the northern bamboo viewing area, the central flower garden, and the southern residential area. Compared with other traditional Chinese gardens, the essence of Geyuan Garden lies in the art of the rockeries with the theme of the four seasons.

  • 東關古街

    Dongguan Street
    It is 1122 meters long and paved with slates. In the past, it was not only the water and land transportation route in Yangzhou, but also a commercial and cultural center. Dongguan Street is linked to the Dongquanmen. Two blocks have been combined to plan, renovate, develop and become the highlights of Yangzhou. There are many shops here that are old and a large number of monuments and heritages. Everything here maintains the characteristics of the Ming and Qing Dynasty.

  • 早餐:酒店內Buffet
  • 午餐:小廚娘民國會Jiangsu Cuisine(CNY 150/人)
  • 晚餐:酒店內享用晚餐(CNY 160/人)
  • 揚州皇冠假日YangZhou Three headed banquet

MAR23(六) 揚州/湖州(BUS 2.5H)船遊瘦西湖風景區→大明寺→富春酒樓→車赴湖州→湖州西塞山風景區→入住悅榕集團度假酒店→酒店內用晚餐→西塞山鴻居享受酒店設施;英文:Slender West Lake Tourist Zone(Include tourist boat)→Daming Temple→Lunch→Drive to Huzhou→Xisai Mountain Tourist Resort→Check-in Banyan Tree Group Hotel Homm Huzhou Xisai Shan→Dinner

  • 船遊瘦西湖風景區

    Slender West Lake Tourist Zone(Include tourist boat)
    The Slender West Lake is a scenic lake and national park in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province. You can enjoy the natural scenery along the river or enter pavilions to sample the poetry and calligraphy of ancient literati. You can also sit on a boat and experience the ride from the perspective of Emperor Qianlong. The Lake still has many famous gardens. For thousands of years, countless literati wrote poems and drew paintings here, leaving behind many assets and folk tales. They also built many scenic buildings in accordance with local customs.

  • 大明寺

    Daming Temple
    Daming Temple is located in Yangzhou, at the middle peak of Shugang Mountain, the northwest corner of Souxi Lake. It was named after the Song Dynasty Emperor Xiaowu of the Southern Dynasties, and the temple that was seen now was built during the Qing Dynasty. Daming Temple is well-known for a famous monk, Jianzhen, who helped spread Buddhism in Japan.

  • 西塞山風景區(湖州妙西西塞山)

    Xisai Mountain Tourist Resort
    Wuxing Xisaishan Tourist Resort is located in the west of Miaoxi Town, Wuxing District, Huzhou City, with a total valuation of approximately 48.36 Zhejiang. It is a "four-in-one" provincial platform integrating industry, leisure, tourism, and enriching the people. It has four significant Features: First, the transportation location is excellent. Second, the ecological environment is good. The third is deep cultural heritage. Fourth, the industrial foundation is solid. The resort is committed to developing a triangular free-style in-depth experience tourism destination and an international ecological, cultural, leisure and vacation destination.

  • 西塞山鴻居酒店

    Homm Huzhou Xisai Shan
    Homm Huzhou Xisai Shan has a total of 178 guest rooms, family rooms and villas set amidst unique landscapes. The hotel's unique lake, garden and mountain views are surrounded by green trees, allowing you to experience the relaxation of being in a holiday oasis outside the city.
    The hotel is equipped with banquet halls and multi-functional meeting rooms, as well as catering services, lounges, a fitness centre, yoga, a kids club, outdoor swimming pools and shared spaces and other supporting facilities. As a new brand in mainland China, we will bring you a travel experience that is full of relaxation for both body and mind.‍

  • 早餐:酒店內Buffet
  • 午餐:富春酒樓FU Chun(CNY 150/人)
  • 晚餐:酒店內享用晚餐(CNY 100/人)
  • 悅榕集團西塞山鴻居Banyan Tree HOMM HuZhou XiSai Shan

MAR24(日) 湖州/寧波(BUS 3H)晨起享受酒店早餐→車赴寧波→梅龍鎮酒家→天一閣→寧波千年子城漫步→酒店內用晚餐;英文:Enjoy Hotel Breakfast→Drive to NingBo→Lunch→Tianyi Ge Museum→City Walk Ningbo→Dinner

  • 天一閣

    Tianyi Ge Museum
    Tianyi is a comprehensive museum, which features the culture of private libraries and integrates social history and art. It has a quiet and elegant environment, exquisite gardens, primitive architecture and strong local characteristics. Besides the rich collection of books, Tianyi Pavilion is also unique in fire precautions, ventilation and moisture proof.

  • 寧波千年子城漫步

    City Walk Ningbo
    China Walking Tour, a landmark of history and cultural heritage

  • 早餐:酒店內Buffet
  • 午餐:梅龍鎮酒家Meilongzhen(CNY 100/人)
  • 晚餐:酒店內享用晚餐(CNY 100/人)

MAR25(一) 寧波(tour)東錢湖(含遊船)→錢湖魚宴→韓嶺美術館→韓嶺老街→雲上清溪家宴;英文:Dongqian Lake(Include tourist boat)→Lunch→Hanling Art Museum →Ningbo Hanling Old Street→Dinner

  • 東錢湖(含遊船)

    Dongqian Lake(Include tourist boat)
    Dongqian Lake is located in southeast outskirts of Ningbo. Its surface area is three to four times larger than that of Hangzhou's West Lake. The most notable points of interest of Dongqian Lake are clustered on the Huanhu East Road. In contrast, Little Putuo, also a very popular place of interest, is a causeway in the middle of the lake. The Xiayu Buddhist Temple, which is located in the center of the lake, always receives many visitors, who come to burn incense and pray for blessings.

  • 韓嶺美術館

    Hanling Museum of Art
    museum located on the shore of Dongqian Lake, the suburb of Ningbo City on the east coast of China. Since ancient times, this region has prospered as a hub connecting Ningbo City and Xiangshan Port. The museum was planned to disseminate this beautiful old village’s history, culture, and art.We designed the museum as a “mountain-like” building on the small peninsula that juts out into Dongqian Lake. The architecture blends into the surrounding landscape, turning itself into one of Dongqian Lake’s mountains.The museum is designed to resemble an aggregation of the village houses’ small roofs. With the humane touch and warm texture of the roof tiles, the scenery of the merged “mountain” and the village of Hanling bring the past and the present into one place.As for the museum interior, we designed a cave-like space inside the mountain, which provides a unique experience and time contrastive to the inorganic spaces of conventional box-type museum buildings.

  • 韓嶺老街

    Ningbo Hanling Old Street
    "The No. 1 Ancient Street in East Zhejiang" - Hanling Old Street is located on the south bank of Dongqian Lake, surrounded by mountains on three sides and facing the lake on the other side. Hanling Village has a long history, and it is said that it got its name from the Han surname in the early years.Hanling was an important transportation hub and water and land transfer center connecting the urban area of Ningbo to Xiangshan Port. There are two old streets in Hanling, namely the front street and the back street, which run through the whole village. Business is concentrated in Qian Street, with a total length of more than 500 meters. It is further divided into Lower Street, Middle Street and Upper Street. There are more than 30 shops in the village concentrated in Xiajie, and there is a stream flowing slowly in the middle of Xiajie. Originally, the entire street was paved with blue-black cobblestones, but it is now a concrete road. In addition, the old street still maintains the style of hundreds of years ago: two-story buildings on both sides, gray tiles and white walls, red lacquer facades, one connected to another, stretching forward. There is also a small manhole in the village. The well water is warm in winter and cool in summer and has a hint of sweetness.

  • 號稱第二廬山


  • 早餐:酒店內Buffet
  • 午餐:錢湖魚宴Chinese food(CNY 100/人)
  • 晚餐:雲上清溪家宴Clouds Stream Chinese Restaurante(CNY 150/人)

MAR26(二) 寧波/天台(BUS 2H) 森林徒步→蔣宋別墅→冬瓜湖→蔣氏家宴→往天臺→國清寺→酒店內用晚餐;英文:Forest walking→Jiang and Song's Villa→Donggua Lake→Lunch→Drive to Tiantai→Guoqing Scenic Area→Dinner

  • 蔣宋別墅

    Jiang and Song's Villa
    Jiang Song Villa is situated on the southeast side of Xiangshan Temple and was constructed in 1936. At that time, in order to celebrate the birthday of Chiang Kai-shek, the local government constructed this two-story building. During the time of Luoyang, Chiang Kai-shek and his wife visited here several times to escape the heat.It was also the place where general Yang chengwu and his family were detained during the cultural revolution.The villa is half close top, the building pattern of mezzanine of equestrian building, have office, sitting room, washroom, bedroom to wait for many room, in that time such house belongs to the building with quite high specification in area of central plains. Inscribed on the plaque above the main entrance "jiangsong villa" four big words, for the kuomintang vice chairman Mr. Jiang xiaoyan.

  • 國清寺

    Guoqing Scenic Area
    Guoqing Scenic Area is located in Tiantai County. The Guoqing Temple is built according to the styles of the masters of the Tiantai Emperor's founding wise men. The ancient trees in the temple are the ancestral temples of China's Tiantai and the must-see destination for tourists to the rooftops. Guoqing Temple has an important position in the history of Buddhism and the history of Sino-foreign relations. Temple Week preserves a large number of precious cultural relics such as cliffs, inscriptions, handwritten books, Buddha statues and musical instruments.

  • 早餐:飯店內用
  • 午餐:蔣氏家宴 Minzhen Restaurante(CNY 100/人)
  • 晚餐:酒店內享用晚餐(CNY 100/人)
  • 溫泉山莊

MAR27(三) 天台/紹興(BUS 2H) 天臺山大瀑布→天臺養生宴→往紹興→安昌古鎮→酒店內用晚餐→夜遊沈園;英文:Tiantai Mountain Waterfall→Lunch→Drive to ShaoXing→ Anchang Ancient Town→Dinner→Shenyuan Night

  • 天臺山大瀑布

    Tiantai Mountain Waterfall
    Tiantai Mountain Waterfall Scenic Area is located at the western foot of Tongbai Mountain in Tiantai. The main waterfall has a total drop of 325 meters and a maximum width of 90 meters. The total area is 11.31 square kilometers, including the Great Falls Block, Jiulong Lake Block, Tongbai Palace Block, Qiongtai Xiangu District It is a large mountain that integrates canyon landscape, waterfall landscape, suspended plank road, fashion experience, and fairy road culture into one piece. Several points are connected by observation elevators, cable bridges, glass suspension bridges, and Jinting Lake greenway. Type scenic spot.
    It is a rare high-drop water cascade waterfall group, which can be called the highest waterfall in China.

  • 安昌古鎮

    Anchang Ancient Town
    Located in the northern part of Shaoxing city, Anchang Ancient Town is one of the four famous ancient towns in Shaoxing. The ancient town was built by the river. The north bank is a commercial city; the south bank is a residential area. There are many stone bridges over the water connecting the two sides. The Sanli Market of Guyan River has preserved its simple rustic atmosphere. Marinated sausages and soy sauce are the major features here and have featured on "A Bite of China". Anyone who comes here must give them a try.

  • 夜遊沈園

    Shenyuan Night
    In order to allow tourists to appreciate different customs and experience different feelings, Shenyuan Scenic Area, the hometown of Lu Xun, has carefully created a Shaoxing night tourism brand - "Night in Shenyuan" classical night tour. At night, Shen's Garden is colorful, elegant and classic. The looming lights echo each other, the garden scenery is dense and dense, and the flowers and trees are scattered accordingly. Visitors walking in it feel like a dream.

  • 早餐:酒店內Buffet
  • 午餐:天臺養生宴special local food(CNY 150/人)
  • 晚餐:酒店內享用晚餐(CNY 100/人)

MAR28(四) 紹興/上海(BUS 2.5H) 魯迅故居→東湖(船遊)→黃酒宴→蘭亭→上海外灘→黃埔1號私房菜→夜船遊黃埔江賞夜景;英文:Former Residence of Lu Xun (Shanghai)→East Lake (Include tourist boat)→Lunch→Orchid Pavilion (Lanting)→Drive to ShangHai→The Bund→Dinner→Huangpu River Cruise

  • 魯迅故居
    魯迅故居是一棟三層紅磚建築,位於山陰路。 1933年至1936年,魯迅先生曾在此生活、工作至逝世。如今,故居還原了魯迅先生居住的場景。屋內陳列著他生前使用過的珍貴物品和書寫工具,大部分都是原件。魯迅故居不大。屋前有一個小花壇,種了幾棵樹。屋裡的陳設簡單又樸素。底樓前廳是客廳,有書櫃和書桌。後面的房間是餐廳,有西式的衣帽架。二樓前室是魯迅的臥室和書房,配有鐵床、衣櫃、茶几、鏡子等家具,上面有外國版畫。南窗上鋪著污跡斑斑的玻璃紙,窗下的書桌上擺放著文具、煙具和花具。窗邊牆上的日曆依然如故:1936年10月19日,鏡子上鬧鐘的指針停在凌晨5點25分,這是魯迅先生逝世的日期和時間。三樓前廳有陽台。這裡是魯迅和許廣平的兒子周海英和保母的臥室。

    Former Residence of Lu Xun
    Former Residence of Lu Xun 魯迅故居 YouTube
    The former residence of Lu Xun is a three-story red brick building located on Shanyin Road. From 1933 to 1936, Mr. Lu Xun lived and worked here until his death. Today, the former residence restores the scene of Mr. Lu Xun's residence. The precious objects and writing tools that he used during his lifetime are displayed in the house, most of which are originals. The former residence of Lu Xun is not big. There is a small flowerbed in front of the house, with a few trees planted. The furnishings in the house are simple and simple. The ground floor front room is the living room with a bookcase and desk. In the back room is the dining room, with Western-style coat racks. The front room on the second floor is Lu Xun's bedroom and study, furnished with iron beds, wardrobes, coffee tables, mirrors and other furniture, on which are foreign prints. The south window is covered with stained cellophane, and stationery, smoking and flower sets are placed on the desk under the window. The calendar on the wall by the window remains the same: on October 19, 1936, the hands of the alarm clock on the mirror stand at 5:25 in the morning, the date and time of Mr. Lu Xun's death. There is a balcony in the front room on the third floor. Here is the bedroom of Zhou Haiying, the son of Lu Xun and Xu Guangping, and the nanny.

  • 紹興東湖(船遊)

    East Lake (Include tourist boat)
    East Lake is small, but it's covered by a dense fog. This gives the lake a mystical feeling. The popular children's television series "Journey to the West (1982 version)" was filmed here. The lake used to be a quarry. The two sides of the strait are the steep cliffs left by the quarry. The mountain springs which washed out the quarry has left in its place an array of beautiful colors. There are also many caves, some of which are so narrow that they can only accommodate a single boat. Many visitors choose to travel the lake by boat.

  • 蘭亭上海外灘

    Orchid Pavilion (Lanting)
    Lanting is located at the foot of Lancang Mountain, about 13 kilometers southwest of Shaoxing Ancient City. It is famous because Wang Shuzhi and other literati gathered here, leaving behind the famous "Lanting Preface". Lanting is not a large place, but the scenery is very elegant. Goose Pond Monument, Lanting Monument, Qushui Liuyu and Yubei Pavilion are the main sights here.

  • 上海外灘
    外灘位於黃浦江畔,全長約1.5公里。是上海的標誌性景點。其亮點包括風格各異的建築群和黃浦江夜景。外灘可以說是上海最著名的旅遊景點,是上海市中心的海濱長廊和著名的商業區。歷史上,外灘是上海的主要金融和貿易中心,位於上海公共租界內,該地區在 1843 年至 1941 年間處於英國名義上的控制之下。由於其歷史地位和分區限制,外灘擁有經典上海建築的典範。因此,這裡成為攝影的熱門地點。沒有到過外灘,上海之行就不算完整。

    The Bund
    The Bund is located on the bank of the Huangpu River, with a total length of about 1.5 kilometers. It is a symbolic scenic spot in Shanghai. Its highlights include the architectural complex of various styles and the night view of the Huangpu River.Arguably Shanghai's most-famous tourist attraction, the Bund is a waterfront promenade and famous business district in central Shanghai. Historically, the Bund was the city’s main financial and trading center, and was located within the Shanghai International Settlement, an area under nominal British control between 1843 and 1941.Owing to its historic status and zoning restrictions, the Bund contains fantastic examples of classic Shanghai architecture. For this reason, it is a popular spot for photography. No visit to Shanghai would be complete without a visit to the Bund.

  • 夜船遊黃埔江賞夜景

    Huangpu River Cruise
    At night, the neon lights on both sides of the strait complement each other. Take a river cruise or ferry and swim on the Huangpu River. The river breeze blows on your face. On one side is the Bund, which witnesses the historical development, on the other side is Lujiazui, the landmark of Shanghai's modern construction, and the beautiful Waibaidu Bridge. The beautiful figure allows you to appreciate the beauty of this bustling city from a different perspective.

  • 早餐:飯店內用
  • 午餐:黃酒宴 Shaoxing Yellow Wine Banquet(CNY 100/人)
  • 晚餐:黃埔1號私房菜 Huangpu No.1 Private Kitchen(CNY 130/人)

MAR29(五) (MH389 1605/2150)上海/吉隆坡(BUS) 新場古鎮→上海本幫菜→餐後→浦東機場送機;英文:Xinchang Ancient Town→Lunch→Go to the Shanghai Pudong Airport

  • 新場古鎮
    新場古鎮位於上海浦東新區,是個擁有800多年歷史的水鄉小鎮。古代這裡是繁榮的鹽市。至今,仍保存大量明清建築。新場古鎮距離上海市中心約 40 公里,比上海其他古鎮更安靜、不那麼精緻。這裡並沒有過度商業化,依然可以感受到這裡熱鬧的氣氛。電影《色戒》的粉絲會認出這座小鎮是電影中許多戶外場景的背景。

    Xinchang Ancient Town
    Located in Shanghai's Pudong District, Xinchang Ancient Town is a small water town with more than 800 years history. In ancient times, it was a prosperous salt market. Today, there are still a large number of Ming and Qing dynasty structures. Set roughly 40 kilometers from central Shanghai, Xinchang Ancient Town is quieter and less sophisticated than other ancient towns in Shanghai. It has not been over-commercialized and you can still feel the lively atmosphere here. Fans of the film "Lust Caution" will recognize the town as the setting for many of the film's outdoor scenes.

  • 早餐:酒店內Buffet
  • 午餐:上海本幫菜Authentic Shanghai cuisine(CNY 100/人)
  • 晚餐:機上



  • 住宿費以兩人一室為主,指定單人房時需另補房差,且須於訂房確定前告知。
  • 請依訂房時之住房人數入住,若人數超額,飯店有權加收額外費用或拒絕入住。
  • 入住時請攜帶護照或身分證等證件,以便飯店查核登記。
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  • 入住請勿攜帶寵物,飯店可依相關規定加收費用或拒絕入住。
  • 未滿20歲之未成年人,不接受單獨訂房或單獨入住。
  • 若因不可抗力因素,須變更住宿,恕不另行通知,差價多退少補。


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